put your light in my mouth
    • 3/4 oz green Chartreuse
    • 3/4 oz maraschino liqueur (Luxardo)
    • 3/4 oz gin
    • 3/4 oz lime juice
    1. Put all ingredients into a shaker, fill with ice, and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Double strain into a coupe and serve.
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    *reads foucault*

    *nods while not understanding*

    *rereads foucault*
    *realizes that in nodding in agreement to a text upheld by the academy and your peers as an informative text you’ve internalized a power relation from a specific assemblage of knowledge and ideas, so while you didn’t understand foucault the first time you understood power and its effect on the body intuitively*

    *reads post*
    *nods while not understanding*

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    Gosha Rubchinskiy

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